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   Tools - Network / PC Service / Acc.(2)
    Rexus (5)

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1 Rexus DVI-VGA Adapters and gender changers - Retail
Item#: CFCE00154312010060

Your Price: $9.99
Save $4.00 Now
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$4.99 Three Business Day Shipping
$4.00 Instant Rebate

2 Rexus NMB-MAT (Panaflo) 80mm Case Fan - Retail
Item#: CFCE00111832010060

Your Price: $9.99
$4.99 Three Business Day Shipping

3 Rexus PST-2 20/24pin Power Supply Tester - Retail
Item#: CFCE00152561010060

Your Price: $14.99
$4.99 Three Business Day Shipping

4 Rexus NMB-MAT (Panaflo) 120mm Case Fan - Retail
Item#: CFCE00111900010060

Your Price: $18.99
$4.99 Three Business Day Shipping

5 Rexus PST-3 Digital Power Supply Tester with LCD - Retail
Item#: CFCE00149807010060

Your Price: $23.99
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